Our Vision Mission

Ambedkar Social Welfare Organization (ASWO) Government Registered Organization NCT Delhi- India Aims and Objectives of the trust.


(A). To initiate activities for the enrichment of human resources to further the aims and objects of voluntary organization and friendly organization in order to equip them better to contribute to the national and international holistic development of the disadvantage people, societies, communities and the organization.

(B). To strengthen cooperation organization government, national and international agencies engaged in improving the lot of disadvantage people societies communities and the organizations.

(C). To aid, assist, finance conduct and undertake experiments in methods, techniques and technology which can serve useful purpose for the development of human resources in an integrated manner and also undertake research, evaluative and other kinds of studies & develop the all peoples who suffers educational & medically and etc.

(D). To initiate develop and uplift socially culturally technologically and economically handicapped people in India and whole world to make then self reliant and to enable them to contribute their potential for the betterment of the society either directly or through a participatory process in collaboration with other organizations.

(E). To provide supportive services to the voluntary agencies in terms of accommodation for training, conference, seminars, meeting and day to day activities at places like Delhi or elsewhere in India and different countries.

(F). To establish, promote, assist, encourage, run, manage, learning centers & competition centers ( CIVIL SERVICES, SSC, BANK, RAILWAY, POLICE, ENGINEERING, MEDICAL etc.) and including engineering colleges , public schools, competition colleges of standard of intermediate, graduate and post graduate college, law college, colleges for management, technical institutes, medical colleges, and research institutes of all discipline (Either on the own or in joint venture or under any arrangement with any other entity including without limitation, association of persons societies trust bodies corporate any other legal entity).

(G). To establish centers for taking care of health and well being of poor, disabled, old people and general masses, in form of hospitals, old age homes, nursing homes, clinics, hostels, medical centers, research centers of any branch of applied and theoretical science including research centers for herbal medicines and their patent process.

(H). To establish yoga, meditation centers and centers of spiritual studies for moral up liftment, peace, health attainment of eternal bliss and self realization, universally acceptable and helpful for all SC/ST and disadvantage peoples.

(I). To provide an opportunity for gets together exchange of experience discussion working out policies program and projects for the development of the disadvantage peoples.

(J). To foster and support activities of voluntary organization for integrated self reliant and long term development in India to benefit the depressed Classes.

(K). To support and strength voluntary organization working though a Participatory process of development to respond to the expressed needs of their depressed communities.

(L). To generate support for nongovernmental activities in development and cooperation at national, regional and international levels.

(M). To raise funds and accept donation subscriptions grants of money, securities, properties of any kind and undertake and accept the management of any endowment, trust, fund or donation not consistent with the objects of the trust and any donation earmarked and accepted for any specific purpose as mentioned in these presents shall be used for such specific purpose only.

(N). To impose and recover fees reimbursement of the expenses incurred for the service rendered by the Trust.

(O). To cooperate and collaborate with governments department, government agencies, organization boards, institutions local bodies financial national and international institution banks financial companies UN agencies and its specified bodies.

(P). To acquire by gift purchase exchange lease or hire or otherwise any lands building cement and any other property movable and/or immoveable for any estate or interest or interest for the furtherance of the objects of the Trust.

(Q). To sell manage transfer exchange mortgage lease dispose off or otherwise deal with any and any other property belonging to the trust for the property what so ever furtherance of the objects of the Trust.

(R). To invest the funds of the Trust not immediately required in deposit with nationalized banks or in any securities authorized under the income tax Act 1961 or other applicable laws from time to time.

(S). To raise funds as and when necessary by means of borrowing from the banks, governments or any other approved agency for the objects of the trust.

(T). To create any reserve fund sinking fund, provident fund or any other special funds whether for depreciation or for repairs, improving extending or maintaining any of the properties or rights of the Trust and/or for recoupment wasting assets and/or for benefits of the employee and for any other purpose for which the trust deems in expedient or purpose to create or to such fund or funds.

(U). To pay all expenses preliminary or incidental to the formation of the trust and its registration and for management and administration of the same.

(V). To negotiate and enter into contacts and behalf of the Trust and vary and resend such contracts.

(W). To carryout Literacy Programs, to promote adult education, primary education, both rural and urban areas.

(X). To do all such lawful acts, deeds or things either alone or in conjunction with other organization are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

(Y). To establish Institution for SC/ST, disadvantage peoples, Ravidass and Buddhism.

(Z) (a). To establish manage and maintain public libraries, e-libraries rooms, journals magazines, magazines audio and visual aid, publishing facilities etc. for promotion of educational knowledge.
(b). To institute and award scholarship for study research and apprenticeship for all or any educational purpose.
(c). Social work- Trust help to government social programs and do works awareness social program which running by government. National Rural Guarantee scheme, National Health Insurance scheme, National Rural Health Mission, Accreted social work (ASHA), Sulabh Yojna and specially works women, children and other persons and specially women and senior citizen awareness by special camp about the education and sanitation.
(d). Awarnence for harmful disease as (HIV AIDS etc.) by special camp in rural an urban areas people.
(e). ASWO can be construct many local bodies & provide different powers of these members of local body and this whole operation under by the ASWO.
(f). To organize marriage of poor communities and orphans under the ASWO.
(g). To protect the fundamental rights and save them from harassment, misbehaving etc. of SC/ ST Employees and others.

About Us

Ambedkar Social Welfare Organization is a national and international NGO, not-for-profit organization engaged in social service and human welfare activities in india and world.

To work towards and fight for the upliftment of the poor, weak and needy.

Corporate Office:

Ambedkar Social Welfare Organization
R/O 36, Lakkar Mazra, Near- Labour Colony, Saharanpur- 247001 (U.P.) INDIA.
Mobile: +91 941 060 8481
Email: info@aswo.co.in